Dharmanand Uniyal Government Degree College, Narendranagar (Tehri Garhwal), Uttarakhand.
Our Best Practices

Best Practice 1:Community Engagement Initiative for Youth Empowerment(CEIYE)

1. Title of the Practice: Community Engagement Initiative for Youth Empowerment (CEIYE)
2. Objectives of the Practice: CEIYE has following objectives:
  1. To provide necessary educational aids and course materials & infrastructural support to Government Inter College Beddhar, Narendranagar.
  2. To enhance the pace of personality development and capacity building of the students of far-flung government inter-college Beddhar which lacks in resources and infrastructure.
  3. To provide excellent educational environment in the interest of the students, it is necessary to provide financial assistance to government inter college Beddhar for equipment/materials & also support them with educational aids.

3. The Context: For skill development and capacity enhancement, under the CEIYE, Dharmanand Uniyal Government College, Narendranagar strives to provide financial assistance to nearby Government Inter College, Beddhar to support vibrancy in curriculum and infrastructure for educational up gradation. Most Inter colleges in far off locations do not have proper infrastructure like class rooms, black boards, drinking water, toilets and sanitary facilities. Identification of such inter colleges is the need of the hour to boost up the sound base to create holistic learning environment. It is known that Government Inter College Beddhar is a cherished school from where students take admission in Government College, Narendranagar for pursuing higher education after class 12th.
4. The Practice: Under the CEIYE, we focused on supporting educational environment & assisted in increasing the basic facilities in the far-flung Government Inter College, Beddhar, Tehri Garhwal of Narendranagar block where college provided reading material such as pen, pencil, rubber and curtains under educational facilities. Inverter, water cooler, carpets were donated. This effort of the teachers and staff of Degree college will undoubtedly be beneficial for promoting teaching and non-teaching activities. The future of the country i.e, youth devotes its energy to the development of the country, then no doubt we can establish a new dimension through education. With discipline, hard work and strong will in student life, new heights of success can be achieved.
5. Evidence of Success: Due to the positive involvement of college in student learning support system in the said inter college, students can improve their academic performance and gain accolades that promote their success, helping them feel more confident and enrich them with social activities imbibing a feeling of brotherhood. The infrastructure provided to them, especially inverter has facilitated the students to an uninterrupted learning process in an area where power cuts are a norm. The students now have access to pure and clean drinking water which is a basic necessity for good health and physical development.
6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The notion that community has an important role in the education is long-standing and is a central theme of educational reforms. We, at college level wish to do such activities at school level but limited pool of resources do not allow us to do so. Faculties collect money for the donation of educational aids. Geographical constraints of the degree college also prove as a hindrance in such endeavors.

Best Practice 2: Sanskaarshala (Visit to Asha Kiran Sewa Ashram Narendranagar)

1. Title of the Practice: ‘Sanskaarshala’ (Visits to Asha Kiran Sewa Aashram Narendranagar for the old and destitute)
2. Objectives of the Practice: The core philosophy of the college is sanskar, seva and samarpan, i.e. values, service and dedication. The students must be made sensible, responsible and dedicated citizens of the country. The student and staffs effort in providing a sincere and selfless care to people residing in the ashram inculcates the values of kindness, empathy and unconditional compassion in them.
The objectives of this practice are
  1. To serve the elderly people by taking care of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.
  2. To help the students understand the traumatic problems faced by desolate people.
  3. To inculcate in them a more humanitarian outlook and infuse values and ethics which will imbibe in their subconscious certain positive traits that are urgently needed in today’s turbulent times.

3. The Context: Run by an NGO since 2004 ‘Asha Kiran Sewa Aashram’ is home to the destitute elderly people and orphaned poor children from various area of Uttarakhand. To inculcate universal human values like truth, righteous conduct, peace, love and nonviolence which is directly associated to physical, intellectual, emotional psyche and other aspects of human temperament, the college strives to motivate maximum participation in providing care, respect and love to the people residing in the ashram. There is an urgency to bolster these values for a better and more humane society.The students coming from different backgrounds have to develop their emotional quotient and empathetic outlook towards the social issues.
4. The Practice: Swayamsevis of the NSS unit of the college regularly visit the Asha Kiran Sewa Ashram. They distribute fruits, medicines, clothes and other such items required by them. They also support and communicate with the old age people. In turn they receive the love; warmth and experiences of old age. This exercise is taken up frequently throughout the year and has tremendous impact on the young minds. The enthusiasm of the students is clearly evident in the way they eagerly participate in various activities conducted in the ashram, be it cleaning the ashram campus, vivacious discussions with the dwellers and other chores.
5. Evidence of Success: Rural areas of Uttarakhand face lots of problems, migration being the biggest of all. When people migrate out for better job opportunities, they leave behind their old age parents and relatives with nobody to take care of and look after. This becomes very traumatic and painful for these people. When our students visit the ashram, the old people feel recharged by the energy, love and support offered by our young students. The students are positively charged, and subconsciously learn the virtues of becoming a good human being.
6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The exercise can be extended to other students of the college who are not a part of NSS. More resources are needed to fulfill the needs of the people.


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