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Electoral Literacy Club

1. Whether Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) has been set up in the College? Electoral Literacy Club is functional in the college since 2018-19 when it was first set-up on 22 nd February 2019. The ELC was setup with the objective to increase the awareness of the student about their democratic rights and their duty to cast their votes in elections. SVEEP Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation is the flagship program of the Election Commission of India for voter education, spreading voter awareness and promoting voter literacy in India. In compliance to the above the state of Uttarakhand has directed all the colleges to constitute ELC in their colleges to educate and aware the students about the electoral process.
2. Whether students’ co-ordinator and co-ordinating faculty members are appointed by the College and whether the ELCs are functional? Whether the ELCs are representative in character? Administrative Set-up of ELC in the college is as follows-
The convener of the club is any faculty, preferably from the department of political science. All the students of the college are the members of the electoral literacy club. The executive committee of the club is elected/ nominated by the principal on the recommendation of the convener. The executive committee is entirely a student body composed of-
1. President
2. Vice-president
3. Secretary
4. Campus –Ambassador.
It is ensured that this committee is un-biased and no member is involved in or has supported any candidate in the college student union elections. Yes, the committee is representative in character. It is ensured that the committee is well represented gender wise, faculty-wise and class wise.
At the time of its establishment, the club was constituted as-
convener:- Dr Shailja Rawat.
Executive Council -
President- Archana Negi BA Sem VI
Vice- president- Varsha Bijalwan BSc Sem IV
Sectetory- Ankit Ranjan BSc Sem IV
Campus Ambassador-Ankit Rana BCom Sem II 
Members- All the students.
3. What innovative programmes and initiatives undertaken by the ELCs?
These may include voluntary contribution by the students in electoral processes- participation in voter registration of students and communities where they come from, assisting district election administration in conduct of poll, voter awareness campaigns, promotion of ethical voting, enhancing participation of the under privileged sections of society especially transgender, commercial sex workers, disabled persons, senior citizens, etc.
Electoral Literacy Club Activities- ELC carries out awareness camp and drives to add name to the voter list every year. It conducts awareness drives and lectures for the students. Special enrolment drives are carried out with the help of district election office and local administration. The club also conducts door- to –door campaigns to enrol the new voters. The main aim of the club remains as follows-
i- To create awareness and interest among faculties and students through rallies and lectures.
ii- To educate the local populations about enrolment in the voter list, electoral process and related matters through learning materials and pamphlets designed by district election office.
iii- To familiarize the local population and students with EVM electronic voting machine and VVPAT(Voter verified paper audit trail). Block development officers educate the students about integrity and safety of the electoral process using EVMs.
iv- To use the student body of ELC to carry out rallies and awareness drives regarding the voter awareness and electoral malpractices in their residential areas.
v- To sensitize the first time voters on the value of their vote and how every single vote is important.
vi- To aware the students on the value of confidentiality practised during vote casting. vii- To facilitate voter registration for freshers who have just turned 18 and who are not yet enrolled in voters list.
viii- To aware the students on the ethical principles involved while practising their electoral rights.
4. Any socially relevant projects/initiatives taken by College in electoral related issues especially research projects, surveys, awareness drives, creating content, publications highlighting their contribution to advancing democratic values and participation in electoral processes, etc .
College under the banner of ELC and NSS has taken up many awareness programs. Lectures, campaigns and competitions like poster, quiz have been conducted to increase the student interest and knowledge on election.
        •On 25th February 2019 a door to door campaign was carried out by the students .Form -6 was distributed for those who are left in getting their name enrolled in voter list.
         •On 27th march 2019, voter awareness program was conducted where Ms Vimmy Joshi, BDO, Narenra-nagar informed the students about VVPAT, SVEEP and NOTA.
        • On 28th march 2019 students of the club a voter awareness rally to motivate the students to cast their vote.
5. Extent of students above 18 years who are yet to be enrolled as voters in the electoral roll and efforts by ELCs as well as efforts by the College to institutionalize mechanisms to register eligible students as voters. After the voter registration drives conducted by the college ELC and NSS and departmental programs and as a result of awareness created among the masses by the college ELC and NSS and departmental programs.

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